Adding a number to an Array

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How do I add the number to the array? I have put stuff into the input field and the tests come up fine in all but the number and I end up with errors on how the code is placed but it states that it passes the test?

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// Only change code below this line
var myArray = [];

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Challenge: Store Multiple Values in one Variable using JavaScript Arrays

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nevermind the error part. But it won’t act right if I put in the number

You were supposed to store a string and a number in the array. Have you done that?

yes i have. but it wont read the number

var myArray = ["banana", "apple", "orange", 17]


Here is what the test asks for:

What is the second item in your myArray? :slight_smile:

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First item has to be a string, second has to be a number.

I got it after looking back over it didn’t think about it at first lol but thank you

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