adding a script to adobe pdf

Disclaimer, I’ve never worked with javascript, I know python and some basic vba.

I have a form (I’m using Adobe pro) where I’d like to have it save based on fields entered.

the save location will vary from user to user (saved in a cache location for outlook). Is it possible to save it to that location and have it saved as some values entered on the pdf form? The fields are “Structure”, “Date”.

Can this be done without knowing the save location? something like:

FieldA = getfield(“Structure”)

FieldB = getfield(“date”)

SaveAs = (~/FieldA + “” FieldB + “” + “.pdf”

The documentation for this is scarce, I’m not sure if this can only be implemented through a button or if the script can just live on the pdf form and whenever the user hits save, it can auto run.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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