Adding fonts and css to react app

i’ve been developing a weather app project for a few weeks, but i cannot figure out how to add weather icons to the project. using a CDN is fine, but for some reason when i try to connect the required CSS to the HTML all i get back is the HTML file again, which is not what i need. VSC correctly sees the directory where the CSS file is located

i’m using the create react app boilerplate fyi

I usually import css with something like:

import './styles.css'

That tells webpack (under the hood of CRA) to load that file. Remember that all these styles will have global scope.

Images I import this way:

import myImg from '../../assets/images/my-image.png'

Then down in my jsx I can go:

<img className="my-image-class" src={myImg} alt="my awesome image" />

Remember that paths are relative to the component JS file.

still can’t quite get it to work. i can import any css file just fine, but the library is giving me problems. the css has a companion font files as well

If you put the code in a repo, link it, and tell us exactly what you want it to do and what it is doing instead, then we can help you.