Adding number in the array to the sum

I’m having hard time. It might be something that I didn’t learn yet maybe. Or is it with the foreach?
I got the first part right but the adding part I’m having problem 23%20PM

Just take a look at this W3C:JavaScript for Loop article. Try to do exactly like in the examples there.

Logic of your code have to follow next steps:

  1. declare a variable which will be a counter for the loop
  2. assign to the counter variable a start point ( zero usually: you remember all iterations in JS start from zero.)
  3. assign a condition for the loop. another words when the loop has to stop? what have to happen?
  4. every time when something happen withing your for loop you have to plus 1 to your counter. counter = counter + 1; or usually counter++ (increment).
  5. if the condition is true something happens withing the loop (within a body of the loop). we can detect the body with {}.
  6. within the body you have to increment (to add to) your sum variable to each value of the numbers array. For example:

    sum = sum + 2;
    sum = sum + 3;
    sum = sum + 6;

  1. When the condition is false you went out of the body of the for loop and return sum variable which contains sum of all numbers of the numbers array.
for(variable; condition; increment){ something happens here; }
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