Admin Dashboard Error - Any Idea on What Could be Wrong?

Any idea what could be causing this error when trying to login a just created admin dashboard?

It’s hard to guess from a picture

What information do you need to get a better picture?

The actual code would be the most helpful

The only thing we can tell from that image is what the text says: It appears that the user has 10 open sessions.

So the number of sessions should be extended to accommodate more?

I would assume you have some sort of deeper problem in your code. Just increasing the number of allowed sessions is likely just a band-aid.

Hmm :thinking:

It’s to troubleshoot the code one more time if it doesn’t work then i will share the codes.

Looks like a SQL message, example from MySQL docs. Increasing (or removing) the limit wouldn’t be out of the question, but that might also depend on the available resources, 10 seems a bit low in any case.

Without knowing how or why you are exceeding the limits it is hard to say if it is a bug causing it or just a low limit being hit through normal usage.

Ok Guys,

I appreciate all the responses, increasing the limit from 10 to a higher number solved to the error messages.