Advice for becoming more comfortable with Python

I really like writing in Python but it’s been difficult getting used to writing in it. I constantly forget things and I’ve heard from more advanced students that things become common with repeated tasks and I’d like to develop to that level of banality. Can you suggest online resources that help with projects, exercises that can supplement what I’ve been learning on FreeCodeCamp. (The class with Dr. Chuck is great but he sometimes goes way over my head and I need to just spend time developiong basic skills)

One option is the CS50P course offered by Harvard
They list on each weekly page some “Problem Sets” which you can try.

Another option is

I’ve scripted in Python for a few years, nothing special or complicated either.

What made Python “click” for me was when I started to create my own small projects from Scratch (I do Data Analysis). IE. getting some data from somewhere and pulling it down into a pandas dataframe & doing some maths against it.

Just after two or three of these I made more progress in 3 month than I did in 5 years of watching youtube.

Just have fun!

Can you explain Scratch a bit more?
My basic idea is that it is a source of data that you can use for practice. But maybe I’m misunderstanding this.
Where is a good resource for utilizing Scratch for practice? (I’m a beginnner, know nothing about Pandas…researching but know nothing)

Sorry “ Scratch” = from the start without help

Where is your preferred site(s) for obtaining practice data?

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