Advice on a business plan

Hi guys,
I tried to search for a similar topic but could not find anything yet.
I am a full stack developer who start coding here 5 years ago.Currently I am working as a front end developer and I want to start my own job.
I would like to create small websites for local business owners around me but I dont wanna do it with Wordpress or Wix anything like that.
I still want to create those websites by my own.But I am confused at this point.
What should I use for a small business website ? I see that most people want an admin panel for managing blog posts and photos of their website.
So my question is :
Should I use React or Next.js for this or I should use HTML+CSS ?
If I create an admin panel server and If I use that server to change content of different websites, would that be a stupid idea ?
Please suggest if that plan sounds wrong or if you have a better idea.

Starting your own gig is exciting stuff!

My best advice is to make it easy on yourself. Your clients are not going to care what system you created something in as long as it works, is fast, and is easy to manage (if needed). You figure out what you can do to make that happen, and then work from there.

Wordpress is still one of the top resources for easy pages that don’t need a lot of dynamic content. You can self host the Wordpress instances and save some cost that way. I don’t do any Wordpress hosting, but I do run several websites off of a $10 Linode server. And you could do the same thing with whatever you choose to do.

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