Advice on Beta or not to Beta

Hello guys! I would need an advice please:

I finished the Front end certification yesterday (Yeah!). what should I do next? start the Beta curriculum (and just save the mandatory challenges and projects to submit it when beta will be live) or stick with the old curriculum?

I am quite fascinated by starting the new curriculum…

unfortunately for some strange reason I can’t read the replies to the long thread about beta stuffs so maybe the answers are already there I’m sorry…

thank you

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I was 256 projects in and I made the switch to the beta. I’m glad I did, it was a good refresher and I learned some new stuff too.


thanks @gelbelle, I red somewhere that the progress won’t be saved but when I signed up with my github account the beta started counting the progress… will it be erased when the beta become the main freecodecamp?

Yes, so make sure to save your answers to the required challenges.

Ok Thank you @BenGitter, do you have an idea when it will be happening? (as I said I can’t read the answers in the main thread about it, for some obscure reason…)

There is no official date, but I suppose @QuincyLarson will give an update if it is getting close.

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I read that progress would be saved from the beta. I wouldn’t have switched I don’t think then. Maybe I read it wrong. I’ll have to go back and look. Uh oh :frowning:

In case just copy the text of the mandatory challenges… you will paste it then… for the track of progress I imagine it will be annoying to lost it… but… we can’t have everything in life I guess…this service is already so amazing…

I am pretty sure that you only keep your progress from the official site. I will see if I can find where I read it.

Here you go:

You are putting to much pressure on me…


Thanks. I was under the impression they were going to merge. I will switch back then. I do really want those certificates too.