On non-beta - should I wait for beta?

I’ve completed the front end dev certification – yay!

But I now see there is a beta.freecodecamp.com.

What happens if you haven’t completed all the original certifications by the time the beta becomes standard?

@P1xt Do you know when will the beta site go live?

I’m doing the beta projects regardless of when it comes around. Just save them on github and whenever beta is over you can just reupload them on codepen or heroku.

Or do the current curriculum to get those sweet sweet limited-edition certificates, i’m not very interested in that so i just didn’t bother.

I think the release of the Beta is still not there yet… I discovered that many challenges of the beta still miss the code test…

Yes - we are still fixing issues with Beta and want to make sure it’s as solid as possible before releasing it. Thanks for your patience.

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Hi Quincy,
In Beta.FreeCodeCamp, what would happen to the challenges that I have already completed in the current FreeCodeCamp?
Do I need to redo them or my success will be preserved?

Good question. The beta includes most of the challenges currently on freecodecamp.com, plus a lot of new ones that will better prepare you for the projects.

Note that all the challenges are optional except for the algorithm challenges and the projects.

You can do beta, then resubmit your projects on www.freecodecamp.com in a few weeks once we roll out these new beta challenges.

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