When are the new certifications being released?

Hi there!

Just wondering if the new certs will be available soon since the old ones aren’t going to be used with new accounts since midnight on Dec 31st. I decided to wait to begin because I’m interested to pursue the 6 new certifications.


They are undergoing the (hopefully) last round of user testing and bug fixing and should go live very soon. (No exact date)

You can start work on the challenges and projects right now by visiting https://beta.freecodecamp.org, but your progress won’t be saved.

Just save the course work (projects and algorithms) elsewhere, as they are the only requirements for the certs.

Aha, that was my concern since I’d read the beta wouldn’t save our progress. It’s good that only the projects and algorithms are required for the certs. Thanks for the update.

Just FYI, here’s the prelaunch to do list:


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