FreeCodeCamp Beta

I JUST found out about the freecodecamp beta as i just saw a post by quincy about it (although it was dated back to aug 2017), and i had no idea about it!

I think its a good thing, just wondering if anyone has been working on it for a while, or if its even been released!?

I am also curious about the api and microservices certificate. I definitely lean towards that end of development, so im wondering if any changes are set to come to those projects? (Im really really close to finishing that cert!!)

Any other info from anyone would be helpful.

Also if you are interested check out my portfolio page!

Yes - we’re actively working on beta. You can follow our progress here:

I’ve created an FAQ for our beta curriculum here: Frequently Asked Questions about the freeCodeCamp Beta

@QuincyLarson I know it is hard to say, but what timeframe do you think we are looking at for beta to be released to production? I can see the progress is almost complete on the task board, just not sure how that translate to actual time.

It looks like most of the API projects are about the same, an exercise tracker project has replaced the image search abstraction layer project but otherwise they are the same. I’ve just started it and haven’t gone through the live back-end cert so I can’t speak to differences but judging by the names of the exercises and sections they seem to cover about the same concepts.

Thanks Kevin! I noticed the minor change too, and the reason I was excited about it was because I actually skipped the image-search-abstraction-layer project. So, if all I need to do is make the workout logger thing, then I could have a certificate! Whoa! never thought that would happen!