Should i switch to beta.freecodecamp?

been hanging round here for a bit trying to learn as much as possible and i noticed there is the beta version of free code camp. right now i just started the API question in java script. html and css i learned with other videos (including what i learned here at FCC) and although i feel i understand the basics of javascript (var, loops, if else) i just got my butt kicked on the last challenge… took me hours to continuously get each problem wrong until i broke down and looked at the hints.

anyways do you think beta is worth trying out? should i make the switch or keep going with what im doing. also if you have other resources for putting knowledge into practice that would be greatly appreciated. the challenges seem like a really great way to analyze where im at, but im wondering if its not better to just bust through this stuff and get to the projects.

sorry if this is a bit rambley and all over the place, any help is appreciated!

There’s a lot to be excited about with the beta, but it’s not meant to be your main learning path just yet. You can explore the challenges, but you can’t sign up to save your progress. If you complete the projects as described on the beta page, you’ll have a head start when it’s finally released. I would suggest completing the challenges in the current, stable version for now, though.

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cool thanks for the quick reply.