New camper: should I use

New camper here! I’m interested in doing a lot of work here in the coming months (spring). Should I study (and get certificates) with or


If you are new to coding I personally would Not do Beta… it’s still being tested…

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I would stick with the non-beta version. Any work you do on the beta site will not be saved to your main profile.

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You’re not new to coding, so I would recommend trying the beta if you want what is intended as a better and more thorough web development learning experience. If you want a safer experience without having to worry about encountering bugs/reporting them on GitHub, don’t do beta. If you’re even considering beta, be sure to keep up with this thread:


@icartusacrimea Thanks! I will use the non-beta and hope(?) that my progress will transfer over to the new system when the current beta goes into production. fingers crossed PS How did you know that I’m not new to coding lol?

Many campers express similar concerns on the beta thread referenced above re: transferring progress once beta becomes live, and it seems pretty clear you’ll be safe. :slight_smile:

I know you’re not new to coding from the link to your resume you posted on your Forum profile.

Oh I see! Sorry, I’m still just getting started here/learning the forum.

Thank you so much for the replies. Super helpful and informative!