I feel Lost ! what is the difference?

Hello guys, quick question , i saw two deferent curriculum for the code camp and i got very annoyed, because i started in one and i found out the other has more Information and projects
what should i do now??

I assume you mean the current one and the beta.

The beta is not officially live yet. It’s still debugging and isn’t live yet. We don’t know when it will be live, but it may be a while.

My advice would be to do the current FCC and save all your code (it won’t be transferred over.) If and when the beta goes live, you will race through the sections that cover what you’ve already done and can work on the sections you haven’t done yet. I think it’s going to easier than you’re assuming.

Just learn. You may repeat a few things, but it often takes a few times for this stuff to stick.

what happens if i go into the beta version now, because i saw a lot of new topics which i wanted to learn from books, as i find them now at the new FCC , will it be a problem if i go to the beta version, or the work will be wiped out when it gets official ?

The work will be wiped out when it goes live (afaik). But if you save it locally, you can just cut and paste.

Saving your code is a good habit to get into anyway. I would create a local copy and just create a folder and file system to easily find the code. As a bonus, you can start pushing those up to github, something ever developer needs to learn how to do anyway and getting a presence on github will help you a little when you start looking for work.

The goal is to learn. Don’t worry about the certificate too much. They’re nice to get and they are a good way to mark your progress, but no one ever got hired because of a bootcamp certificate. You get hired because of what you’ve learned and what you’ve built.

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How about using the beta curriculum to learn with and using the currently live curriculum to apply what you learnt and complete the projects to get your certificates. The beta has a lot of new things that can patch holes in the live curriculum , like ES6, React tutorials , better node and express tutorials , etc… but the projects in the current curriculum are more challenging imo , so they’d complement each other pretty well.

This is inaccurate. All progress on freecodecamp.org will remain on your account when the new curriculum is brought over. Your old solutions may not all pass if you try to re-run them because some challenges will change (often small things such as the name of the function or additional test cases).

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I answered this question on my local FCC facebook group: The Beta, available at: https://beta.freecodecamp.org, is far more up-to-date. There are a few issues, and the javascript sections should probably be done in a slightly different order than presented, but it is way more up-to-date, and starts from true fundamentals. I had about a week in myself when I started, hit a meetup, and was encouraged to use the Beta. Best advice I ever got regarding this program. You have to create a new login, and you may have to repeat stuff, but I can promise you, the process has only made me faster and my code-writing more sure. Also, using the beta sometimes means using the forum and checking github when you can’t tell if the problem is you or FCC, which pulls you into the community.

it is a very reasonable idea, but if i start with it now , the progress will be wiped out, that means i have to go through it again

Recall that only the challenges marked with a * are required to get the certificates. You would only need to save and resubmit those challenges.

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I got faster as a result. And all that typing makes me able to see when typos are causing my code not to run. Also, you should fly through those challenges if you’ve already done them.

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