Coming from another bootcamp

My son and I are going to go through freeCodeCamp. I am not really doing it for me as much as I am a practicing software engineer with 26 years of experience. My son was enrolled in Thinkful’s code camp but they rejected him from finishing. He completed about 1/2 of their curriculum so he is not a beginner. Is there a provision for him to start the freeCodeCamp somewhere in the middle as much of the beginning curriculum will be review ?


Peter Stamboulis

From what I understand (and anyone correct me if I’m wrong), is that if you want the certificates, all you eventually need is providing proof that you did the projects by sending the links to the projects. Also, there’s a beta site which I think slices up the topics a bit more. You might want to check it out.

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There are certain of the algorithms that are required (the ones with asterisks) but there are large swaths of the basic stuff that can be skipped over if someone feels they know them sufficiently. As Morrighain says, all the build projects are required. And (as said) there is the beta site. But I would point out that it is not officially up yet (hence, the “beta”). There is a lot of useful information there but it is not live. Since we have no idea when it will be live, my advice to new people has been to do the current site and just save all your code so you can cut and paste it when beta goes live. If you want, you can work on the beta in parallel to pick up some of the cool things there.

You can use the map to do FCC challenges in whatever order you like. If you want to claim certificates, you need to complete all challenges marked with a *.

Regarding new curriculum (currently in beta testing) that has been mentioned:
This is an expansion on the existing curriculum. When it goes to production, not progress completed on will be lost. Nearly all of the new challenges will be elective. Some challenges will have been changed a little, but campers will still be credited with having completed them.