Do you get a certificate?f

Do you get a certificate when your done with the course?

Yes, there are multiple projects for each course that you do. After you complete each project and complete the course you will get a certificate for that course.

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Ok thanks for letting me know.

Are they actually teaching us to code real lfe things or are they just giving us examples.

Each course will have an example project that you work through. So, for the first course you will be making a cat photo app, and in another project you will be making a cafe menu, a photo gallery, etc. However, after a few courses you will then have the opportunity to create your own project. This gives you the opportunity to use the skills and information you learned in the challenges and create something thats your own. There will be guidelines of what the project needs to be so it follows what you just learned, but all the code is 100% up to you to write. Many people who have completed these individual projects tend to use them of their portfolio for their resume

Once you’ve finished with everything, will you then be able to code or does it take more? Do you just stay on here answering questions?Are you a professional coder or do you work for this company or something? Just curious.

FCC is a non profit so majority of everyone on here is answering questions, and helping out on their own time. So, no I do not work for FCC but I do however work as a developer. FCC is a great wat to get started, but the answer to “Once you’ve finished with everything, will you then be able to code or does it take more?” Is all up to you. I am going to be straight with you, and tell you this is not easy. This is something that will take time, dedication, and determination. It can take a while to get a good understanding of everything that you will work through.

The best way to get more familiar stuff is by creating projects. Following the challenges is great to help get the structure, and understanding of things. Its then up to you to be able to put that understanding to use in a project. You just have to practice this stuff if you really want to be able to understand it

Once your’e a professional coder what all will you be able to do?

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