Devs with experience - should they go through all the curriculum?

Hi, I’m a software developer and I’ve been freelancing for 5+ years already as a web developer. I have some college, but no degree. I feel like I’m comfortable at my job, but I can’t catch up with the latest trends and technologies.

FreeCodeCamp offers an interesting curriculum about some of the cutting-edge technologies.

I am thinking about freshening up my skills and strive for the holy grail - the full stack developer certificate, but I’m not sure if that’s the target audience of FCC.

About the curriculum: I don’t see that it would make sense to take some of the very basic parts… do you think I could skip those, finish the projects and move to the more exciting parts?

I wonder what your input is. Looking forward to it.

If you want the certificates (and to be matched with a nonprofit) you need to complete all challenges which are marked with a * on the map. This allows you to skip a lot of the Basics material and focus on projects and algorithms. The advanced algorithms section isn’t required, but if your purpose is to push yourself to learn (or maybe just dust off some skills) then they are highly recommended.

The community can always use more experienced devs helping the newbies, so I hope you’ll consider being an active participant and maybe doing some of the beginner exercises so that you can offer advice on them.


Thank you so much for the info. I wouldn’t mind taking some of the material I know already - getting those grey cells moving is never bad.

I’m looking forward of getting hooked with FCC; I’ll have to get into the habit first and get to know some people.

Thank you - you’re being very helpful! I didn’t notice the * until you told me, but you definitely thought about the people with a little experience.

Thanks kennym for asking this question - I’m in a similar spot, and didn’t know the relevance of the (*) marked parts of the curriculum. :slight_smile:

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You’re most welcome!

It depends. FCC can not only help you grow as a developer but it can help you grow as an individual. If you do some of the curriculum and feel ok to skip some - that’s fine.

But, if you finish the curriculum, you could possibly move on and use your skills to help non profits and really make an impact on others.

It just depends on what you desire, my friend.

You get out what you put in :slight_smile: