Getting Ready to Start FCC Curriculum - Advice?

I am setting out to get started on the full stack curriculum, and was wondering if anyone has any advice.

I understand it will be hard regardless, but any help I can get would be helpful to me.

I have next to zero experience in Software Development. I have built my own computers and used them for past 15 years, but like I say, no experience in this.

I looked at many other options such as Treehouse’s techdegree, Codecademy etc, but FCC seems to be the best (and free) option.

Not to leap ahead of myself, but at what stage during this curriculum specifically, could someone start looking for a job? I ask so that I can get a better understanding of my goals and also time. I am aware that the learning never stops, but I would appreciate some input from experience people here.

I have just turned 30, and frankly, have been in and out of Customer Service, sales and Call Centre jobs. I have 3 years worth of College Experience, but that is in music. In other words, I will have to make up for some lost time.

Honestly I do have some career gaps due to personal reasons, but I am ready to make a positive step forward and do whatever it takes to become a Software Developer. I also live in the UK, if that has any impact at all or insight into my possible opportunities.

On a side note, how important do you all find mathematics, and if so, to watch extent should I concern myself with learning it? Are things such as: Basic Math, Algebra, Calculus etc good enough?

Like I say, and tips on direction, or other sites and resource recommendations I would appreciate.

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Do a quick search on the forum and you will find there are many people who have asked similar questions and received great responses.

Yes I am already looking as we speak, thank you.