Anxious about proceeding with FCC Curriculum

So I have been slowly plodding my way through the FreeCodeCamp curriculum for 2 or so years now and am coming to the end of the journey. As I stand all I have left to complete are the 5 ‘Dynamic Web Application Projects’. I have been working my way through several books preparing to complete these projects.

However I know fear that the new Beta curriculum is going to be released before I can finish these projects and claim my certificate. Where will I stand on getting my certificate, will I need to redo a bunch of the topics?

You can claim your certificates if you were signed up on the standard FCC curriculum on or before Dec 31 2017. So even if Beta comes out you’re good to go. Also, it’s silly to wait. Beta has been due for release for a very long time. You may wait a long time. Don’t wait.

Any certificates that you have earned before the changes go into effect will still be on your account after the curriculum changes.

Most questions about the beta can be answered in this thread. If you have any other questions, please try searching the forum.

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