Should we already jump to the new curriculum?

Hi, I’ve visited the page for the new curriculum for Responsive Web Design, which is in beta, under this URL:

Is it ok if I continue jumping directly there through a bookmark ? Will my progress be lost once it is officially released ?

Thanks for your help !

OH !
Pls I want to know that too… I don’t want to lose my progress…
And i can’t translate the requirements…

I doubt there’s plan to reset progress from the beta. I guess in the worst case, some section might have challenge or two added, but that’d be just individual steps, not the whole certification, or section.

New version of Responsive Web Design is also available from the curriculum page, but as beta it’s at the end of list.


Thanks for the tip, sanity ! Didn’t see it, as it was at the bottom. :face_with_monocle:

Me neither, for a while :laughing:

I saw him, but I thought that the one who is now will be replaced

I can’t be sure that this will be the case this time, but in the past when a new version is in beta testing progress as a beta tester has NOT been preserved when the changes go live. Given the instability of a beta release, you should not consider anything to be guaranteed. If you’re not comfortable with that, then you should probably focus your energy on the stable curriculum.

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Hello there,

Here are the main talking points about the revamp of the RWD section:

  1. The projects are, for now, exactly the same.
  • Your progress for these will be saved whether you submit them in the beta section or not
  1. The projects are all you need to claim a certification, and the certification is exactly the same
  • Still the Responsive Web Design Certification
  1. Although the curriculum is in Beta, we do plan to retain your progress, as best we can, once it is fully-released
  • Aside from the location of the curriculum changing, it will mostly remain as it currently is
  1. As mentioned, challenges might change, and projects might get additional steps
  • We do this with the current curriculum anyway, but we almost expect it for the Beta section

Hope this helps


Thanks for the reply Sky020 ! That clarifies all my doubts !

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