Responsive web design (beta) sertification

Hello. In the Curriculum section appeared the new course “Responsive web design (beta)”. How long the stable “Responsive web design” course will be available? I’m afraid to lose my current learning plan of the stable course and not finish it.

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Hi @Droid !

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You shouldn’t lose any progress when the new RWD cert comes out of beta.
Also, it is important to note that the challenges don’t count towards the certificate.
Only the 5 certification projects count.

The beta version was created as way to help bridge the gap between the lessons and the 5 projects at the end.
The beta version has 15 practice projects broken up into steps instead of hundreds of individual lessons.
This is meant to provide more repetition and understanding so users can feel more prepared to tackle the required projects.

Once the new curriculum, comes of beta the old curriculum challenges will still be available in the legacy section.

You can read Quincy’s reply on what happens with the old challenges in his tweet here

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