Beta certificates

For the past month i’ve been doing the FCC beta, i just finished the web frameworks curriculum and i was thinking if it’s possible to get the certificates before beta is out. I imagine that the test suites won’t change in requirements, and since the tests are done automatically maybe people who finish early and pass all the tests can get the certs early.

All progress on beta will be be lost when it replaces the old curriculum.

Don’t forget that progress won’t be preserved, so save your code. I doubt they’ll bother with certs for beta.

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I know progress will not be saved, i’m using github for all required projects. The question is about the possibility of getting a certificate during beta. Afterwards it’s just a matter of reuploading the projects.

I “completed” all projects of the Responsive Web Design, but certificates don’t seem to show on your public profile. So, you can’t get a certificates for now.