News on the Beta Curriculum?

Anyone know of any news on the beta curriculum about when it will be going live?

Why did it miss the 2017 Christmas time frame and is there a new due date?

Also does anyone know if you can obtain the certificates if you complete them on the Beta FCC site or do you have to wait for them to go live?


When it’s ready.

It’s unclear, someone else probably knows better than me, I contribute to freeCodeCamp Guides not the freeCodeCamp Platform.

You can do the challenges and projects, you’ll likely have to resubmit though so write down your solutions somewhere safe.

“When it’s ready” You’re snarky comment isn’t helpful.

As for my third question I didn’t ask if I need to resubmit my exercises when it goes live. I know I will need to. You should reread the question to obtain comprehension before responding.

Hint: I was asking about the new FCC Certificates and obtaining them while they are still in beta

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“When it’s ready” isn’t snark. It’s the actual answer. There are still important bugs and the new curriculum will go live when the bugs have all been fixed.

The beta site is for beta testing only. It is not connected to the production database and never will be. That means that completing challenges on the beta site will never result in certificates on your FCC account. When the curriculum changes over, you will need to resubmit required challenges and projects in order to claim certificates (as @anon52159105 said).


There’s no reason to attack my “comment”, we don’t have an exact release date, delays happen. Focus on what’s here and now, beta will be released as soon as it’s ready.

Seriously? Hint. You won’t be awarded a certificate for tasks completed during beta.

Your answer actually provided information as to what is going on. “When it’s ready” is a useless and non informational comment.

You clearly knew where to direct me on this subject and provided me necessary information to find out more. A three word sentence doesn’t do that.

You also answered question three. Thanks.

It’s quite informative, we will release the beta to production when everything is ready, there’s no requirement to write out long sentences, the meaning remains the same. Again there’s no reasons to personally attack my posts when I’m attempting to help you.

And what makes you think that I clearly knew you required long detailed explanations?

Closing this topic as asked and answered.

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