Beta completed challenges now gone

I’m wondering if there is any way to get my completions from the beta completed over here in production ( I completed everything from the begging to applied visual design (adjust the hue of the color). I wouldn’t love to walk through the super basic stuff again but would love to get all those check marks back lol.

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As was explained at great length and at least once a week here on the forum, the was only for beta testing purposes. It was temporary. It had a separate database. That database would be cleared when the changes went to production.

If you want to claim certificates, the only things that are required are the projects which would exist external to FCC so you can resubmit the links. It is up to you whether you want to repeat lessons just to get the progress marked or not.

@FlaminSeraphim I wish there was a way too. However, they warned us repeatedly that it wouldn’t be possible to get data from beta because all that data was going to be deleted. Given the number of issues they’re having with the new curriculum and getting it all working smoothly, I wouldn’t expect the beta data to be merged.

I’m finding it helpful to redo the challenges as it’s another opportunity to solidify my understanding of the topics. :sunny:


Ok well that sucks it would be nice for them just in this case go in and just mark them done for me.

oh gotcha ok cool thank!