Lost all my progress on beta.freecodecamp.com

I’ve been using beta.freecodecamp.com for last couple of months and last Friday I found all my progress on this new curriculum is being gone. I’d earned Responsive Web Design Certificate and was on RegEx chapter now.

Do we know if there is any way we can restore the session?


I’m so sorry to hear that, but unfortunately there is no way to restore that. Here are two forum links regarding beta.freecodecamp.com:


You can resubmit the projects and get the certification back though. Since it was all external, you have them saved for sure. The same process will have to be repeated once beta goes live.

Thanks everyone for all replies. I’ve copy of all assignments that I’ve submitted for Responsive Web Design Certificate. So that shouldn’t be worry. I was mainly concerned about all other small tasks that we complete before taking on the certificate assignments.

BTW I love new coursework. It’s up-to-date and provides insight to all stuff that we should learn including Flexbox Model to React. Looking forward to see this on main website soon.


This brings up another question: Is there an easy way to save current code besides going through each one and copy-pasting?

Just in case, since i’ve noticed a few times code i’ve written not being saved (only a few)…but some of the hardest ones that I had written would be difficult to rewrite on the spot ha!

Did you get your Responsive Web Design Certificate? Because I’ve completed all challenges but I was not rewarded. Looks like there is a ticket on GitHub about this issue. I also lost all beta progress on last Saturday (23/04) and as of this moment, I can’t see my public profile either. I’ve already sent an e-mail to FCC Team with this issue.

Rodrigo – good question. It did say that I’ve completed the challenge. But to your point, I never seen it in my account. So yes looks like that I’ve also seen the issue. On the other hand I’ve started writing my code in https://repl.it as it supports versioning too.

But IMHO having integration with github will be cool thing.

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technically your progress is saved in the local storage of your browser. would be cool if someone would put together a script to save that local progress somewhere. out of my league atm.

Oh really! wow thats sort of frightening honestly.

Is there a way we can access our answers outside of going to each one and copy-pasting?

If this question is about being able to claim your certificate you won’t need to copy-paste all your answers. Only projects and algorithm challenges are required for that (basically everything on the map with a “*” in its title).

So for projects its just a link you will need to resubmit and for challenges its the entire code (you could safe that to github for example)…