I lost all my progress!

I was coding using the beta site that was up. Well some things happened over the last little bit and I haven’t been able to study as much. Tonight was my first time logging in in a while and I have lost all my progress. Its not letting me log into the beta site no matter what method I try. I logged into the original site using the same creds. And none of my progress has transferred at all. I was 15 plus hours in and I would hate to loose all that progress.

They needed to disable logins a few weeks ago… used to be if you had a login from previous… you could get in, but since last week’s db issues that seems to no longer be the case…

Here’s some info on that:


in terms of certs, though. When it goes live you only have to submit projects to get certs:

Note that since the beginning they have always mentioned that progress on the beta wouldn’t be brought over when it went live, and so to save your code solutions.

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I have had the same issue but I haven’t accidentally made an extra account, I signed up using my email address and have logged in using the same one.

The only change I made was linking my account to Github whilst setting up a new Github account.

My friend has had the same issue today so perhaps there is a glitch?

While it is theoretically possible that your old account was removed from the database, FCC hasn’t found any reproducible way that this happens. The following do happen more often than you’d think.

  1. Someone created an account with one method and then later logs in with a different method (which may have the same email address/password for logging in). This creates a second account. It sounds like you have changed GitHub accounts? Changing your linked GitHub account may have gotten you in this situation I guess.
  2. Someone completed many challenges without being actively logged into their account.
  3. Someone created an account on the Beta version of FCC. Beta uses a different database (and no longer allows registration).
  4. Someone thinks that their progress is lost because their old solutions aren’t showing up in the editor. Their browser cache has been cleared, but the completed challenges are saved to their account and can be found on their profile.

If you still aren’t able to find your old solutions, keep in mind that only challenges marked with a * are required and you can simply use the map to skip to where you left off with no penalty.

Strangely, when I started again it had remembered the code I had previously put into the answers so it was literally a case of clicking “Run tests” to complete them again. Mine is sorted now, I hope you manage to get to the bottom of yours @deannekeene :slight_smile:

I have the exact same problem. Didn’t realize the solutions are actually there. Did you just go through and ctrl+entr all of them??
What about the projects?

Just resubmit the links.

Hello everyone,

I lost all my points either. I do not know what happened. I was trying to log in by using a facebook account, Github, and my Gmail. just it accepted my Gmail account. However, my Gmail account has not any points. I am sad and it is a big frustration. Could you please help me out? l want to get all my points, l do not know how?

Thank you so much!

my solutions were not there. So im in the process of redoing them

Really? l spend lots of time and effort? is there any solution? if not, l have to restart once again. My brain is burning now because of that glitch.

beta.freecodecamp.org’s storage is ephemeral anyway. So none of your progress on beta would have been ported over to www.freecodecamp.org anyway.

A few weeks ago we disabled new signups on beta to avoid confusion around this.

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For me it was not related to the beta - not using that. But I did discover the solutions were still saved, only the counter and the ‘time when completed’ were not. I could go through everything and just resubmit to get the points back.

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