All Progress Lost

I know, I know, this has been posted countless times, but browsing through some of those isn’t exactly helping me out with this.

I cleared the cache and cookies on my computer today, and when I logged back in to freeCodeCamp it presented me with a blank slate of an account.

Yes, I tried logging in via other emails and methods. No, that did not help. I am almost 100% certain I tried the correct email the first try, as that email has an old message from the site with the login code.

Also, I have the first certification I earned bookmarked, and it still exists, holding the code to all of the certification projects exactly as I did them.

So I would love to know how to resolve this. My progress is there somewhere, but I can’t access it.

I’m not sure why the freeCodeCamp support team is this awful at helping people with problems, but I don’t need help anymore. I opted to put in the time to redo EVERYTHING I had already done.

Thanks for nothing.

Sorry to hear no one has been here to help you. In the future, I would suggest you bump your thread by posting in it to get more visibility.

We have a support page with the support email as well. They might have been able to help you figure out the correct account and delete any duplicate accounts.

As an aside, it is mostly volunteer work on the forum.

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