Progress erased?

has anybody else had there progress erased? Idk if its because I cleared my internet history but every challenge I completed and project has been deleted a now the site is saying I have no challenges or projects completed. Can anyone explain why this is?

That’s weird. Clearing your internet history has noting to do with that being erased, as data is saved on FCC servers, not your local pc.

Try to logout and login again just to make sure. After that I’d contact @QuincyLarson

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Have you tried logging out then back in again?

I’ve had that happen before - I only knew to begin with because the CSS had reset to the light theme. One I refreshed my login, it was back to normal.


It sounds like you may have signed in with a duplicate account. Try signing in and using a different email address or social media account that you may have used in the past.

If you still can’t get back in, send me an email at and I can help.


Thanks you guys I figured it out. It made another account when I used different credentials.