freeCodeCamp Newbie: Lost my entire progress


I just started using FreeCodeCamp today. I signed in using my email and clicked my way through the Getting Started section. Because I wanted to actually start coding I skipped the GitHub account creation at first and made my entire way thorugh HTML and CSS and Responsive Design with Bootstrap and logged out.

When I logged in just now my entire progess was gone. Hoping to somehow get my progress back I now went through the Getting Started section, made a Github account and linked it to FreeCodeCamp. But my progress is still lost.

Is there anyway my progress can be restored or am I forced to redo my entire progress so far?

Kind regards

Same thing happened to me when I first started. I had to redo it

Did you try deleting your browser cache? I had a similar problem in that every time I logged in it started me way back from where I had finished. In my case I could see the completed work under MAP though.

Good luck!

No my progress isnt shown under map either.

But to get the certificate I only have to do the tasks marked with the little star right? So losing these to chapters doesn’t actually hurt me?

No it doesn’t, only the * matter !

@smurfling and @lhrkamp

It sounds like you may have accidentally created a duplicated account. We should still have all of your progress in our database, associated with your original account. Could you email me your GitHub username (and a link to this discussion so I’m sure to remember your situation?)

I’m at team at freecodecamp com


Same thing happened to me when I signed up for GitHub today … my Cat Photo App is gone? :sob::wink:
I did not create a new account - just followed the course step by step.
Quite frustrating, but I guess I’ll just continue, I’m not going to redo it.
Ready to learn new stuff!