I have lost my progress


I have an issue with my freeCodeCamp account, today when I logged in my whole progress seemed to have just disappeared. I had completed and got my Responsive Web Design Certification. I usually logged using my Github account, I tried to do the access from other devices and tried to see if maybe I didn’t access using another method but I don’t know what to do at this point. Please let me know how should I proceed or if there is anything I can do to fix this issue.
I also sent an email to support with this message but I thought maybe I can get faster help here.
Thank you

Have you tried logging in with your GitHub account?

Yes sir, I did but still same result, I also tried logging in using my email but in both cases it looks like a brand new account… I don’t know

Hmm, that’s about all I know about that the issue could be. I’m sorry I don’t know more, but I’m sure someone else on the forum will.

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have you changed the email address of your github account?

as long as you use the same email address you will get the same account, bar bugs

if you are sure you used the same email address as when you created your account it may be that you have a duplicated account. To solve this issue you will need to write to support@freecodecamp.org.

You can read more about the issue here


Yes I have changed the email address of my github account since signing up for freecodecamp so maybe that’s the problem?
I will be waiting for support to reply to my email then, thank you

log in to freecodecamp with the old email, change the email address and then you will be able again to log in with github

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This fixed my problem, I now managed to get back my account. Thank you.