I lost all of my progress d:

My lesson progress has been wiped clean. How can I get all of my lesson progress back? I was 90% finished with Web Development. How can I prevent this from happening again? My progress is not showing up on FREE CODE CAMP as it usually does. I was working on lessons Monday, April 27, 2020, and, now all of my lesson progress is gone. PLEASE HELP?

Did you log in with a different email address?

Originally I signed up in with my Github Account

Did you try signing back in the exact same way?

Yes, it’s still not showing all my progress :confused: this is very unfortunate I was so close to 300 hours

You have created a duplicate account somehow. Your original data is still there. Did you change your email for your GitHub account?


I updated my GitHub email after I created an FCC account but this was a while ago. So recently, I’ve tried to switch the email back on my GitHub account and it did not fix the issue and idk how to fix this

Is your issue similar to this discussion: Profile seems to have become messed up

Yes :frowning:
same exact issue

Did any of the suggestions in that thread help?

I tried walking through the steps an updating my email on the new account using my old email address and its saying its associated with another account

You stated that my original data is still there. I almost finished the 300 hours of web design is that what your seeing on your end?

I have no way of seeing your account. GitHub login isn’t something I’m super familiar with, so I’d reach out to the support email or wait for someone else in the forum to chime in.


I did, do they actually get back to people. I sent an email to two different emails not including the one you provided, earlier today I’m just curious if they actually follow up with people

You have created a duplicate account by changing the email address on your GitHub account without also changing the email on your freeCodeCamp account. freeCodeCamp accounts are identified by email addresses. When you log in with GitHub, it will look for an account matching your GitHub email address.

Delete the new freeCodeCamp account.

You need to either change your GitHub email address back to the one you were using before or use that email to login to freeCodeCamp. This will take you to your original freeCodeCamp account.

Go to your settings and change your email address to the one that you want linked to your GitHub and freeCodeCamp account.

I don’t really know which email was associated with the old account, because I’m looking at both accounts and both accounts progress is blank…

So tbh I don’t know which account to delete at this point. I updated my Github email in the past several times assuming that would fix the issue.

If you were logged in when you worked on freeCodeCamp before, then your progress is saved under whatever email address you were using at that time. You need to know that email address in order to access that account.