I have tried past emails to login and see my progress

I lost all my progress. I tried all past emails. This is a new problem. I have been able to log in and see my progress up til now. I was logging in with my github account. But one day when I logged in with my github user id instead of the email. Could this have caused my progress to disappear?

have you changed the email to your github account?

the freecodecamp account is linked to your email address

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I changed it back to the email I believe I started with and that fixed it. Good thinking! TY!

you can change the email address in the settings of your fcc account, and after that you can change the github email address, and will be able to log in with the email address of your choice

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I can’t believe it! It’s happened again! All my progress appears reset.

I haven’t changed my email to my Github login. Have no idea why its happening again.

Please help. Is there any chance they now have indeed reset people with long inactive status?

Three months away won’t wipe or reset your progress.

What do you mean by ‘appears reset’?

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By appears, I mean it just appears that way to me because I am certain I have not changed my email in the GitHub account I used when I started these modules. Also, by “appears”, I have tried all the login options listed, and even tried other email accounts I have (even though I know I am certain I used GitHub from the start.

Assuming FCC doesn’t reset at all now, I wonder if there is anything could have caused the same thing. For example, if I log in using the option to login using Email (where a code is then sent to log you in) but I also use the email address I normally use to login to this GitHub account of mine, could that have caused it to reset my progress?

Sorry for the TLDR! I am so frustrated atm. Please provide any thoughts on what, if anything, I can do. Maybe I clear my browsing cache first, close my browser and login again using a new browser window?

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Disregard! And TY regardless! The problem has been resolved!

I logged into FCC using the same GitHub account, aka Tourey, using FireFox, and bam there it was! My many months of progress staring right back at me!

Hello there,

Sorry for the frustration. I do hope this can be sorted. Unfortunately, I do not have the answer, but here are some clarifications:

Your account is linked to your email address. Therefore, all of your data is linked to your email address. So, if you signed up using the GitHub Oauth, and your GitHub account was associated with example1@mail.com, then you change your GitHub email address to example2@mail.com, you will not be able to access the original information through the GitHub Oauth route.

Something you can do (provided you are logged into your fCC account), is go to the settings, and change your associated email to example2@mail.com. This should allow all data to be associated with the current email address.

Edit: I see you got it sorted. Well, hope this does not happen again. Cheers

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I’ve done it again! OMG! What is so frustrating is how easily this happens to me. This time I know I didn’t change my email on my GitHub. I did forget which method I used to log in so I tried another one, using the email I know is the correct one. Sorry, this was accidental.

Again, I did use the email method, inadvertently creating another account. I posed my first two certs to LinkedIn which has the following FCC username, fccc630d225-878d-4e2d-983f-a7080fab8baf. Will this inadvertent link to the same email clear up? Or can I go and delete it? So frustrated with myself! Ugh!

if the two accounts both have the same mail, you could try to delete one yourself, or better write a mail at support@freecodecamp.org

Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!