Lost all progress Again?

I’ve seen this happen before and figured that, like before it would be resolved relatively quickly…but it hasn’t been so I’m curious about what might be happening. I hadn’t logged in for several months, and went to log in last week using my github account (as I usually do). When I logged in, I see a generic avatar and none of my progress in the curriculum (and neither of my certificates). Oddly, when I cleared my browser cache and tried again, I saw my progress briefly, but when I went to find my certificates and came back to the curriculum, my progress was gone again. I haven’t seen it since.

Have you by any chance changed the email address associated with your GitHub (or any of your FCC linked accounts)?

That was it! I had switched the primary e-mail address in Github to a new business e-mail account I had set up. Thank you!

I’m glad I could help. Happy coding!