My progress is gone!

Today I login and see all my progress is gone… 0…I had completed JS cert on june 16 and did not login at all yesterday. What do I do now ?!!

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help me please what do i do


Did you happen to log in with a OAuth option (i.e. Github) or did you log in directly with your email?

I logged in with google account. I changed nothing. I am so shocked all my progress is not there what do I do ?

This usually happens because the email address on the social account you log in with is different (FCC tracks your progress by email address) or because you have logged in with two different social accounts (creating a duplicate account with the same email, throwing off the system).

Unfortunately to fix this you need someone with database access, which means shooting off an email to

I dont think I made duplicate account with same email. Either way please tell me what should I write to them ? and also please tell me should I wait and not continue learning what I was learning ?

Just let them know you’ve logged in and lost your progress. Provide your email and your login method (you logged in via Google right?)

There’s no reason to stop your learning - you don’t need to have all the lessons completed to earn the certificate, just the projects. So when they fix the issue, if needed you can just submit your projects again.

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Perhaps someone got access to your account?