My Certification & progress is gone!

I’ve already completed my web design curriculum and received my certification in past month and went on hiatus,today i logged in and saw that my js and web design progress has been resetted!! :frowning_face: helpp please~

it seems you logged in with a different account, try with a different email address (the accounts in freecodecamp are linked to the email address)

I remember seeing u in the previous post that i made, im pretty sure im using the same account

what im saying is, on May 29 i completed the web design curriculum and received the certificate but its all gone now :frowning:

I mean the curriculum account

the forum account and the curriculum account are two different accounts

you have probably logged in the curriculum with the wrong account

oh okay… thank you for telling me tho i know i wont find it

@ieahleen , found it!! thank youuu for helpinggg :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Were you beta-testing the Python curriculum before it was released?

  • No accounts are saved on freeCodeCamp testing platforms. If you weren’t participating in the open beta, then your account was NOT deleted unless you went into settings and clicked the big red button.

Did you try logging in with a different method than usual (for example, with GitHub instead of email)?

  • If so, this account probably has a different email address than the one that you used to create your freeCodeCamp account. Using it has created a new account. Delete this new account and log in with your previous method.

Do you have other accounts linked to your GitHub account (like GitHub or Google)?

  • If so, have you changed the email address on any of these accounts? All linked accounts must use the same email address as the one in your freeCodeCamp account. Either change the email address on those accounts or log into freeCodeCamp with the correct email and unlink the accounts.

Did you change the email address on your freeCodeCamp account?

  • If so, you probably had linked accounts that have a different email address.