All progress lost after logging in with Github instead of Facebook

Hello guys,
After I logged in with my GitHub account, I noticed, that all my progress and certifications are lost. I was previously logging in with my facebook account. I assume, that duplicate accout was created, once I logged in with Github instead of facebook. How can I retrieve my progress?
Thank you.

your facebook and github account are separate

Do you use a different email in GitHub and Facebook?
FreeCodeCamp will log in you in the account if the same email is used
I would say, delete the account created when logging in with Facebook and keep logging in with GitHub

I have same email on GitHub and Facebook. The problem is, that now, whether I login with Facebook or with GitHub, I don’t have any progress.

Any thoughts, guys ?

Try opening an issue on GitHub, so that someone with database access can help you

Isn’t this a freeCodeCamp account issue?

Yeah, but the bug solving is done in the github repository - and there you can find someone that can see your FreeCodeCamp account and check what happened

Thank you for helping make FCC better. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

Seems like I am not alone with this issue. I didn’t open new bug report, I just joined the other one. I hope it will be resolved soon.

as that is a closed issue it is not sure they will see it, so if after a bit of time you don’t have any news, think of opening a new one

On github, they said, I must contact freecodecamp team via email. I did that, but I got no response. Any ideas?


I am just a mod on the forum, I don’t do technical support

I found my public profile link and my username number. Does it help any? Still no reply from freecodecamp:

is that different from the account you log in it? try deleting the new account then

Still, I really can’t help you, other than suggesting what you could try based on what I have seen other users try.

Yep, I already tried to delete the new account and delete app from facebook and login again with email, but this just creates new account. If I only could log in with username…