All my progress on my account was wiped

My account was created about 2-3 years ago, but I have not been active on it for the longest part of a year (due to work/uni), and when I checked back on it, all my progress has been cleared, and even my certification too. I do not have the certification in my email anymore (likely due to me deleting it for some stupid reason), and now I am not sure how I could reclaim those progress.

I have made a contribution for a topic on here before (for Project Euler 115), which serves as the only real evidence that I have at least achieved something on the site, which has been wiped too. Other than that, I have no way to prove I have done the JavaScript course. Can I get some help?

The account on freeCodeCamp and this forum is from the same email (redacted), but other than that, there are no other username that I can recall.

Hello there,

It looks like your account was just created. Are you sure you did not use an alternative email when you first signed up?

To be honest, I am not too certain what email was actually associated with my account. I have checked through all of my existing related emails and my github and only this came up with any actual links to freeCodeCamp, and this is also the only one with a forum account, so I figured this is the one associated with my progress.

If possible though, may I PM you with some emails/github that possibly linked to my progress? Those all have 0 progresses, but maybe I can uncover something.

Actually, based on my forum posts, I believe I have submitted an answer for 2 specific problems, and they are written uniquely by me, so would it be possible to trace something back from those? I understand if it’s a bit too much though.

In that case, I suggest you email support[at] with any useful information that can be used to help sort out your account(s).

Useful information would be:

  • username(s)
  • names(s) - if set
  • email address(es)
  • a link to this forum post

Hope this helps

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