Account lost all progress

Suddenly i’ve lost all of my account progress, i did everything that was mentioned in the topic created by the mod but it didn’t help

Have you verified that your solutions are not in your profile? Your FCC username doesn’t seem to be the same as your forum username.

Same thing happened to me a few days ago when the website went down. Can’t seem to get help and emailing team@ doesn’t help either.

The team@freecodecamp email is defunct. The cloudflare issues earlier this week would not have affected anyone’s account in the database. Either a duplicate account was accidentally created or your completed challenges are still in your account and you are only noticing a cleared local browser storage. There is no user KernelPanic, so I can’t see your profile but you should be able to view it on FCC.

No i tried to resubmit the code but everything has been reset

When did you create your account @CtrlAltDft?

i created it 3 days ago

I created mine this past Sunday - grinded a lot throughout the day. From the start to Understanding Uninitialized Variables of Basic JavaScript and all of it was reset to the beginning when the website came back up. I’m having the same issue it seems. Maybe we grinded too hard :stuck_out_tongue:

This is kinda frustrating tbh

I’ve continued to grind daily and I’m up to Basic Algorithm Scripting with no further issues. But it is painful trying to get someone to help me. Under your account it says “Email us at” but that email address doesn’t work.

Yes, i tried to email them yesterday but i didn’t receive any reply but the auto-generated one