All my freeCodeCamp progress has been lost


Last week, I logged into FCC and saw all my progress had been erased.

As suggested elsewhere, I sent an email to to resolve this 7 days ago. I’ve sent a couple of follow-up e-mails, as well, but there has been no response.

How do I restore my progress?


Have you tried logging in from an incognito window?


Not a big deal since the early stuff wasn’t required, but now that I’ve finished projects and started to complete asterisked assignments, I’m worried this will happen again.

Usually when this happens it is because the user has logged in with two different methods and that has caused them to have a duplicate account. If you’ve ever logged in/created an account using an e-mail address or other method, try logging in with that. The team can merge duplicate accounts. The team is very small and the upcoming release of the new curriculum probably has them extremely busy. (I know it’s frustrating sometimes, but try to remember that our community is open source and volunteer-based.)

I do strongly advocate for keeping your own copies of difficult solutions. This is an excellent opportunity to start learning version control, as difficult algorithms and all projects will often involve several revisions. Code for projects will obviously exist outside of FCC, but I suggest not relying on CodePen either.