I signed up for freeCodeCamp using my email, and they've already lost most of my work, and this support couldn't find my account. I'm logged in in a different w

I signed up for a freeCodeCamp account a couple of days ago using my email address, and I’ve already completed maybe 200-300 coding challenges. But just a little while ago, I logged back into fCC after inadvertently closing the browser tab I was working in, and my new freeCodeCamp account seemed to be all messed up:

  1. freeCodeCamp just “forgot” about all the challenges I’ve completed over the past ~24 hours. I’ve been up coding nonstop, no sleep, no meals even, since yesterday. And suddenly all my work since about this time yesterday is gone.

  2. When I followed the link to this forum for help, the forum login screen couldn’t find my freeCodeCamp account that I created using my email address, and I had to go through a whole new process of supposedly create yet another new freeCodeCamp account using the same email address I’d just recently used to create my account on the main freeCodeCamp new account creation screen. This is the same email address/freeCodeCamp account I’ve been logged into as I’ve been working on coding challenges in another tab in the same Chrome browser window for the past 2 days.

Is there anyone I can talk to who might be able to help me recover the work (coding challenges) I’ve completed over the past 24 hours? I’m new to this site, so I apologize for not knowing how this all works, or if this is the wrong place to ask. It’s just discouraging to lose so much work after already spending so much blood, sweat & tears trying to get a running start on the long certification journey I was planning to make along with the rest of the fCC user community. I really appreciate any advice or help anybody can give me. Thanks a lot!!!

Welcome there,

To help get this resolved, I suggest emailing support@freecodecamp.org. You will need to provide proof an account you are talking about is yours. Typically, using the same email address to send the email as your freeCodeCamp account is created with will do.

Just to be clear about the forum: This forum is in no way linked to your www.freecodecamp.org/learn account - they are completely different servers and databases. So, if you had never created an account on the forum, you would need to do so.

Had you previously created an account on the forum you now no longer have access to?

Find more support FAQ’s here:

Hi Shaun,

Thanks a lot for getting back to me! I was wondering if the forum account might be separate. So that’s cool. :slight_smile:

I’ll email support@freecodecamp.org re: my account with them. Worst case: I redo ~100 coding challenges and remember to save a copy of my work from now on…

Thanks again for your help!

One last thing: I realise this is not ideal, but the only progress required to claim a certification is the 5 related Certification Projects for a given section.

Thanks! I had started to figure out that the actual certification process seemed to mostly hinge on the sets of 5 or so larger projects that appear at the end of each curriculum sequence. But it still wasn’t 100% clear to me whether any coding challenges might be required prerequisites, so thanks for helping clarify that for me as well!

FWIW, some of the code exercises were a little low-level for my needs – the intro-level material obviously covers much of the same “programming 101” territory we’re all familiar with. But especially once you get past the “101-102”-level stuff, the fCC authors do try to make the material more interesting by doing things like making you use alternative tools or patterns that wouldn’t necessarily be your first choice on a typical programming project, or in my case, making me use some newish ES6-ES2021 features that I may have previously underappreciated and/or underutilized. So I wouldn’t call it a wasted effort, and it was also interesting just to look at and experience their take on interactive software training material (I’ve taught software classes and labs in the past, both at work, and when I was a graduate TA some time ago, so this is something I’m personally very interested in).

Anyway, thanks again for all your help!

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