Help! My FCC account is missing everything

Thanks to Freecodecamp, I got a job and am now Senior Developer.

I wanted to log back in and do more challenges etc.

My account on the forum is tied to the same email too.

But when logging in with this email, all challenges are gone as well as my certifications…

Can someone help pretty please?!

If you had certifications, they are still on your account, but privacy settings might prevent them from showing up on your profile.

How long ago did you complete freeCodeCamp challenges? If it was before significant curriculum rewrites, then the new challenges won’t be marked as completed because they are different than the ones you did. It looks like you were active on the forum about 4 years ago, which would have been an older version of the Responsive Web Design courses.


Hello there,

I suggest reaching out to so we can get specific details about your account to help resolve any issues you are having.

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Many thanks, I just sent an email with all relevant details


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