Login to FCC account

Hello everyone,
I accidentally logout of my Fcc account, and I do not see an option to log back again only to signup again from the beginning, needles to say I have lost track of all my projects and certification already finished, anyone has a solution,? I try to start with all the accounts I have but none is recognised.

So when you go to freecodecamp.org, what do you see in the top right corner?

no, my bar stops at News, no sign in option. And I do not know why.

Problem solved, acount recovered, thanks for yur time. Happy coding.

I have the same problem, i have done 300+ challenges, but it is been many months that i didn’t login to FCC, i can’t login my account; FCC only takes me to the new challenges and i can’t continue my progress. The old Email and password don’t seem to work

Sign in -> i enter my email -> No code sent to my email to continue (tried many times)