I can't log in to FCC (I don't see a log in button)

Hi, I’m trying to log in to FCC. Obviously I can log in to the Forum. It’s been a few months since I used FCC but I had previously gone through the Responsive Web Design Certification and did all the projects there.
When I try to log in, it only gives me the option to sign up.
I don’t see any “log in” button.

You can use the yello “Sign in to save your progress (it’s free)” button in the middle of the page

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Thanks. I click that and it gives me the option to sign up (not sign in). I even put in my email (that I already have an account with) and it sends me an email to sign up.

if you log in via email you should be sent a OTP to use to log in

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Yes I received the email and the pin but it says “Welcome to Free Code Camp” which is odd because I already have an account. I didn’t want to us the pin because I don’t want to erase my progress. There’s not a login button?

that is the log in button (at this time at least)
when you log in with email you need to use the pin, there is not an email+password log in

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Ok thank you. It seems like they could avoid a lot of confusion if they just put in a login button! Nothing about that email says “you’re logging in”. It just sounds like you’re creating an account (which is disconcerting when you’ve already spent hundreds of hours on the site!) Anyway thank you for the help