Account issues With Login

Account issues With Login
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I can’t log in to my account. I signed in via Github, and now FCC doesn’t recognize my email when I try to validate. What can I do?


For nearly all users who previously logged in with GitHub, this is what worked:

  • Click Sign in
  • Provide your email address (now the input box is expecting a code)
  • Open your email in another tab.
  • You may have to check your spam filter for the FCC email with your code.
  • Enter the code in on FCC.
  • You will probably see that you have been successfully logged in. There is a small chance that this will create a new account for you (it will say you have done 0 lessons, you won’t have a username, etc). If that happens you can email with details about your account. If this step is necessary, please be patient. Quincy handles each of these emails himself and there are literally thousands per day right now.


I hope they don’t make this the only way to log in permanently. Having to copy/paste a code every time instead of just entering a password is a real pain…


You should stay logged in unless you clear your browser.


Thank you , everyone. It seems resolved. I hope we’ll have the option of changing our account information in the future. Not sure if sticking with GitHub is the way to go here.