Account issues With Login

I can’t log in to my account. I signed in via Github, and now FCC doesn’t recognize my email when I try to validate. What can I do?

For nearly all users who previously logged in with GitHub, this is what worked:

  • Click Sign in
  • Provide your email address (now the input box is expecting a code)
  • Open your email in another tab.
  • You may have to check your spam filter for the FCC email with your code.
  • Enter the code in on FCC.
  • You will probably see that you have been successfully logged in. There is a small chance that this will create a new account for you (it will say you have done 0 lessons, you won’t have a username, etc). If that happens you can email with details about your account. If this step is necessary, please be patient. Quincy handles each of these emails himself and there are literally thousands per day right now.

I hope they don’t make this the only way to log in permanently. Having to copy/paste a code every time instead of just entering a password is a real pain…

You should stay logged in unless you clear your browser.

Thank you , everyone. It seems resolved. I hope we’ll have the option of changing our account information in the future. Not sure if sticking with GitHub is the way to go here.

Hi. I am trying to log in to my account. It seems the wires got crossed with GitHub. The username is jkinley and the email is <removed> When I log in, my progress is not there. Can someone please help? Please tell me all my progress is not gone.

I removed your email address from your post. These pages are indexed and I strongly recommend against putting your email address or personal information on the forum.

Is it possible that you changed the email address on GitHub or one of your linked accounts? Is the email address associated with your linked account(s) the same as the email address that you used when you signed up for Free Code Camp?

When you say that your progress is “gone”, exactly where is there missing information? Does your username still appear as before?

Is it possible that you created your original account as a beta tester at or Is it possible that you are accidentally trying to login to the beta testing site now?

Hi Ariel. Thanks. I am not sure what happened. Here is my profile:
Which shows all my progress. However, I can’t seem to log into that account. Whenever I try to sign in now it just creates a new account for me. I don’t think that I changed the email account to my FCC. When I said gone, it looks like its just creating a new account when I try to log in. Did not create account as beta tester. I did recently have to switch my “work” GH to my personal, but again no change in email. Would it be helpful to chat via Twitter so that I could DM you more personal details?

This sounds like a situation where the email address on one of your linked accounts (probably your GitHub) has a different email address than the one associated with your FCC account. The way that FCC supports multiple login methods relies on a single email address. If you’re logging in via GitHub, try logging in with an email address instead. If you have multiple GitHub accounts, you may be attempting to sign in with the wrong one.

ETA - I (and other forum moderators) cannot access the FCC account database. If you ever need to share account details, please make sure that you’re doing so via .

Thanks, again. I have tried logging in with GitHub AND email. Either way, it is creating a new account for me. I re-read above and see that I may have to email Honestly, I am not sure that I initially even linked an account. I don’t like to use those things and almost always just use email. Just hoping that I can get back into that account and don’t have to start over.

I just saw above. I will send email to Thanks!

Good luck. Please be patient if it takes a few days to hear back. That email address gets a ton of messages, and I think that there are only two people who can look at your account.

Hi Ariel. Just letting you know that I still can’t access my account with the relevant progress. I have emailed and I got one reply that just suggested I use my email address to login. Well, I have been doing that and it does not work, which is why I reached out to support in the first place. Is there anyway to have someone look at this? I just recently got laid off and I am trying to get access to this account so that I can promote myself. I am really concerned that if I let this go I could lose all my current progress. Thanks, Jeff

As I said, there are only one or two people who can access accounts and they are at the other end of the email address.

The answer is that your account is associated with an email address. You have looked at the profile, so you know that the account exists. FCC accounts are identified internally by the associated email address.

When you log in via email address, you are sent a login code. If using that code results in you going to a new account, then your original account was associated with a different email address.

Your original account is linked to both a GitHub and a Twitter profile, so if the email addresses of either of those is or has ever been different than the email address that you are using, try those addresses.

Well, my email address should not have changed. And if somehow, it got changed to my old work email, I can’t access that account anymore.