I can't access my FCC account

It’s been a while since I last visited Free Code Camp. I know I still have an account because when I try to use my email address to log in, a message pops up telling me that email address is associated with another account. No one but me uses my email, so that “other” account must be mine. Apparently, Google and GitHub are no longer accepted as login credentials, so how can I log in? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this.

Did you read this thread?

Maybe something there applies to your situation.

It sounds like you’re trying to add an email to your account. Just click “Sign in”, enter your email address, and click “Send me a code”.

I’m back in my FCC account. It turns out that, contrary to my usual practice, I had used my other email account for FCC access. Thanks to zdflower and ArielLeslie for your replies to my question.