Can't log in after resetting my password

I deleted my account a few months ago and started anew using another email but the same github acc. After adding github information, my account switched to an old email.
But since then I have no track on my streak or on the challenges I completed. Also I can’t update my GitHub profile or to change my email. I tried to log out and reset my password, but now I can’t log in at all, I just get "
Invalid username or password."-message.

What do you mean when you say your “account switched to an old email”? If you deleted an FCC account and created a new one, you should log in using the email address associated with the new account (note that you cannot use GitHub to log in even if you have a GitHub account associated with FCC).

If a problem occurred after connecting your GitHub account, my best guess is that you hadn’t removed the permission for FCC from your GitHub profile when you deleted your FCC account. From your GitHub account management you should be able to remove permissions for 3rd party applications. You may see FCC listed more than once. Remove any permissions for FCC. This should unlink your FCC and GitHub accounts. You should then be able to link FCC and GitHub from the correct account.

If you continue to have problems logging in you can email with your account information and a description of the steps you have taken. Please be patient if you don’t get an immediate response. There are thousands of campers and one @QuincyLarson.

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I mean I noticed an old email in my account shortly after connecting my GitHub acc. Right now I can’t log in at FCC at all, both emails I ever used there get “invalid username or password” or “Email not found”-message.

Thanks for letting me know. Please email me as many details as you can at and I’ll do my best to help you get back into your account. :slight_smile: