Login to fCC with email is a mess

I signed up for fCC with a gmail email, and have never had any problems.

I recently had to delete the email I am subscribed to, and replace it with one from hotmail. Now every time I log in to FCC I have to enter the authentication code that is sent to me by email, and this is very boring. To access the forum, I need to enter a second authentication code, even if I am already logged in to fCC.

If I try to log in with the github or linkedin account (these also added to my fCC profile) the system considers me a new user and I lose all the progress I have made and the certifications.

Why isn’t there an easier way to manage your FCC account and log in?

the freecodecamp account is recognised by email address - have you changed the email address on your github and linkedin account?

if those use the same email address, there may be an issue for which you need to contact support@freecodecamp.org

I changed the email to my linkedin account, I didn’t do it to the github account. The problem is that even github always asks for the authentication code sent by email, so using it to access fcc simply means doubling the steps to be recognized. I tried once and will never do it again.

(Isn’t this the support section?)

to log in using GitHub means using the GitHub authentication method, if you have a 2FA active there, it will use that to log in.

if the email you have on GitHub is different from your freeCodeCamp account email, you can’t use it to log in

you can’t have the support that requires database access from here
here we can do just basic troubleshooting

So you say that to simplify the access to fCC I should configure the 2FA of github?

so you don’t have a 2FA on GitHub?

if you log in with your email address you get the code sent to your email and you use that to log in

if you log in with GitHub you just log in with GitHub, it doesn’t send an email with that

they are two separate log-in methods

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