I almost lost my freeCodeCamp account

My freeCodeCamp account is linked to Github. Today I changed the Github account email address. Then I logged in FCC as usual. I saw a new account, all my challenges was gone! They gave me a new account! That’s terrible. I don’t want to start from the beginning. So I tried to log in using the old email address, I saw my challenges. My account is back! But I don’t know how to link it to Github again.
FCC account should not be changed just because I changed my Github email address.

GitHub based logins are being phased out. You were grandfathered in, but there will be no new accounts based on GitHub.

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delete the new account, then log in to the old one using email log in, go to the settings and change email address

freecodecamp accounts are identified by email address, so you need to change email address linked to it for keep using github log in

@JeremyLT : that’s true only for forum log in, there has been no news about any log in being phased out for the main curriculum account

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Yes. You are right. I took my account back.