FCC cleared my profile!

I started FCC a few weeks ago and I’m currently at JavaScript (186). I decided to join your Forum and suddenly it redirected me to my page only this time with (2) on it. currently stating _ have only gone I day of programming. Now I have to suvmit ALL my work over again…Please can you resolve this.

Thank you_

Hey, what is your username on FCC and how did you signup (mail / github)? Tried logging out and back in again?

fcca08237ba… This is what I’ve been using. Logout/Login didn’t work…

The problem started when I followed on FCC github account using my github account.

email address: iensteins@gmail.com

So can you log in with your email and /or github? Have you tried logging in with both?

I think the best thing you can do is, to email team@freecodecamp.com.

Ok Thank you for your assistance…

Is this you? https://www.freecodecamp.com/fcca08237ba

It looks like you have only completed challenges so far. While it is frustrating to lose the points, you should also know that not having those points does not mean that you can’t claim the certificates later. The only things that matter for the certificates are the projects and algorithms with asterisks (*). So if you start again with your clean profile, you can just skip the things you already know.


I got the same issue ! Progression has been reset after joining the forum. Did you manage to get it fix ?

Thanks for your help !

Thanks, I tried to connect with my GitHub account and my progress is at 0. I have already emailed team@freecodecamp.com, I’ll contact @QuincyLarson.