Free Code Camp challenge progress reset

Hi all,

I signed up for FCC a few months ago, completed a number of items before life got busy. Any way, today I saw that my email address was never verified, so I verified it and now all my progress has been reset. Is there anything I can do to get it back to what it was (I was busy with the portfolio page challenge)

Not so sure if that is possible. Did you do any challenges that are required for the front end certificate? If not you can just continue where you left off without bothering about it. I suppose you still have your tribute page codepen?

Yep. That and my portfolio page that I was working on.

Remember, only the exercises marked with an asterisk are required for the certification. This is important because the exercises change regularly, but the project requirements are more stable.

For example, I wanted to take my coding group through the FCC curriculum, so even though I was already proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript I went back and slammed out all the exercises prior to the algorithm challenges.

Now, however, if you look at my profile it shows a project history that looks like swiss cheese. I’ve only done about half the exercises. All those I “missed” have actually been added in since I did my exercises.

That’s okay, though! They are there if I need to brush up on a topic, and not having them doesn’t affect my path towards certification at all.

Oh. Thanks for clearing that up.